How to Handle Loses in Sports Betting


Once in a while, a losing streak is inevitable for every sports bettor. Being able to handle this adversity differentiates a good bettor from a bad one. There will be minor setbacks in your betting career, but with the right strategies, you can recover. Also, you will discover that Bet22 offers some bonuses that can help you in such scenarios.

At such times, losing might appear like an utter disaster, but the truth is: tough times never last, but tough people do. Also, at such moments, you might feel like giving up on betting; no, don’t. The truth is that your losses might not be due to any fault of you.

In the face of a losing run, there are no guarantees; one person’s strategy may be more effective than another’s. However, some basic advice will hopefully help you weather the inevitable rough patches in your betting career.

Every day Will Not be Rosy


Accepting that losing streaks Will occur at some point in your gambling career is the first step in preparing for them. You’ll eventually get a surprise if you believe they won’t. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can avoid bad runs since you have a better chance of handling them properly if you anticipate them.

Define Your Loss

A long string of losses may be unusual for one bettor, but for another, it might just be the norm. So, one important part of getting ready for bad runs is figuring out what a bad run is.

For example, if you mostly bet on long shots with high odds, you won’t worry about losing five or six bets in a row. On the other hand, if you bet on very short-priced favorites, just a few straight losses could be a bad run.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide when losses that are okay become a bad run. As a general rule, you should do something when they start to affect your bankroll noticeably.

Document Your Bets Accurately

Accurate record-keeping is essential if you take sports betting even slightly seriously. You can use it for various betting needs, but it will be extremely helpful for breaking losing streaks.

Analyzing your past wagers should be one of your first priorities when you’re on a losing streak. Without good records, it will be very difficult to do the analysis that would assist you in determining the source of the problem, if indeed one exists.

It’s important to have an open perspective as you conduct the analysis. It’s possible that you’re actually doing everything correctly but is just experiencing a run of bad luck, so don’t automatically blame yourself. No one should chalk up misfortune to mere chance, though. You’re possibly employing an ineffective technique or making poor choices.

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