Dear Friends of the JBC Institute:

Thank you for your past support and on-going commitment to The Johnnetta B. Cole Global Diversity and Inclusion Institute (JBC Institute) founded at Bennett College for Women and our work to advance a compelling case for diversity and inclusion in the marketplace and worldplace. The purpose of this communication is to update you on JBCI’s strategic direction and the operational impact in 2010.

Since 2004, the JBC Institute has played an important role in creating an intimate space for authentic peer to peer dialogue about diversity and inclusion challenges for chief executives and diversity officers. The annual Chief Diversity Officers Forum succeeded in creating a solid network of consultants and recognized best practices for change management. In fact, we are proud that our approach is now duplicated by many organizations that are investing in diversity officers and organizational strategies to become more inclusive. Additionally, your support of the Power Girls Institute has fueled the pipeline of young girls who are connected by a common experience and a passion to lead. Our team of advisors and staff has done an outstanding job of attracting support and establishing the JBC Institute as a world class model.

Despite these accomplishments, however, the Advisory Board has seen the need to make a hard business decision—until such time that the JBC Institute can evolve to meet the specific needs of today’s challenges, it must cease operations of the Forum and Power Girls Institute effective July, 2010. Several important factors dictate this decision, including a depressed economic climate for fundraising, an increased competitive environment and an immediate demand for leadership succession planning. Our goal is not simply to duplicate existing programs or diversity conferences, but to invest in meaningful progress.

Over the next several months, the Board of Directors will explore transition options including partnerships with academic, nonprofit and independent organizations with an eye toward building collaborations that serve a common mission in advancing the business case for diversity and inclusion. We will keep you informed of our deliberations and how you might continue your involvement with the JBC Institute in the future. We invite you to stay in touch with the Institute by visiting


Johnnetta B. Cole for the JBC Institute Board of Directors 2010 Transition Task Force
Johnnetta B. Cole
Rick Anicetti
Dennis Quaintance

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